Coastal Preparations

Thanks to the Nature Conservancy’s Cool Green Science, and specifically Lisa Feldcamp, for this note and video on adaptive coastal folks:

“It hurt my heart to see how [the beach] had been deteriorated,” says Norris Henry of St. Andrew’s Development Organization. “I know in the past there was a nice beachfront, where you can play cricket, you can play football, you can run. But it’s so sad to see it is no longer there.”

The beach is disappearing in Grenville, Grenada and many coastal communities around the world face a similar situation. As sea level rises, the waters cover reefs that were once tall enough to block some of the wave energy, protecting the shore from erosion. Between the rising water and the waves pounding the shore at full force, sands wash away and even coastal plants like mangroves can be killed as the soil disappears from under them.

The people of Grenville, with the help of the Nature Conservancy and partner organizations, are fighting back.

“What’s really been fun is to watch a very diverse group of people come together … to first envision a resilient future for Grenville,” says Vera Agostini, Director of Science & Conservation for the Nature Conservancy’s Caribbean Division, “then design a set of actions that would help the community be less vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and begin to implement some of those actions.”…

Read the whole post here.

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