Tapir Encounter @ Chan Chich Lodge


Over the last couple weeks we have had a pretty full range of the animals guests most hope to see. Although the jaguars have been elusive, puma and ocelot have been wandering the nearby forests allowing occasional sightings. But we can guess the jaguar are there because of this:


Actually there were two of them and they caused the closest equivalent to a traffic jam that will ever happen here, involving exactly one vehicle that will definitely come to a full halt when creatures this magnificently odd are on the road:


The night safari is one of our most popular excursions for good reason. Not long ago a friend of ours, a birding guide from Austria who is also an accomplished photographer, demonstrated to me with his camera that we should not be thinking only of apex predators and their prey as the best hope for the night excursions. Sometimes oddball winged creatures are every bit as thrilling:

Leander Khil

Thanks again to Leander for all that he shares with us. On the board above, note that on one day guests spotted the ornate hawk eagle and on the following day they spotted the same species with two juveniles, something any nature lover might appreciate. We have a photo series of a member of this captured on one of our many camera traps…watch for it in these pages soon.

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