Behavioral Science & Green Innovation


Green registration plates are already in use in China. Photograph: Roman Pilipey/EPA-EFE/Rex/Shutterstock

The UK, whatever other challenges it may be experiencing, is proving itself creatively committed to green innovation:

Green number plates ‘could boost sales of electric cars’ in UK

Behavioural insights unit proposes new colour for registration plates to help ‘normalise the idea of clean vehicles’

The consultation comes as prime minister Theresa May prepares to address the first ever zero-emission vehicle summit in Birmingham and Buckinghamshire this week, which will bring together nations from across the globe to pledge collective action towards zero-emission journeys.

Elisabeth Costa, director of the Behavioural Insights Team, a “social-purpose company” partly owned by the government, said: “Simple changes based on behavioural science can have a big impact. Green plates would be more noticeable to road users, and this increased attraction can help normalise the idea of clean vehicles, highlighting the changing social norms around vehicle ownership.”

Hybrids and electric vehicles made up 5.5% of the UK’s new car market in the first six months of this year, compared with 4.2% during the same period in 2017.

The government is searching for ways to boost the take-up of low emission cars both for environmental reasons and in order to develop the UK as a country of emission innovation. In July transport secretary Chris Grayling announced plans to introduce more charging points for electric vehicles across the country after reports that a shortage was holding back efforts to get more electric vehicles on the roads.

study for the RAC Foundation found the mass-market appeal of ultra-low emission vehicles may be restricted without widespread, reliable and easy-to-use charging points. Separate AA research showed eight out of 10 drivers see the lack of charging points as a stumbling block to them buying an electric vehicle…

Read the whole story here.

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