Making Bread In 2019

Bread.jpgHelen Rosner, surprisingly appearing for only the second time in our pages, catches us just after our new year’s resolution to take up bread baking.

Well timed.

For a few minutes of bread love, click the image above. For a few minutes more of bread geek-out, read on:

In the immeasurable history of people talking about food, has there ever been a single statement more raw and moving and real than Oprah Winfrey, sitting before a television camera, flinging her arms emphatically forward, narrowing her eyes with fevered intensity, and declaring, with a passionate roar, “I! Love! Bread!”

Winfrey’s warlike cry, the climactic moment of a 2016 commercial for Weight Watchers, the diet company of which she had recently become a co-owner and spokesperson, quickly became something of a punchline. But, like all jokes, it was funny because it had a jagged edge of truth. Everybody loves bread: virtually every culture on earth has a bread of some sort; the development of bread is considered a starting point for modern humanity; it is wildly and perfectly delicious in virtually all of its forms. “It’s fundamental to human existence,” as Ron Silva, the chef and owner of Bubby’s Tribeca, says in this video, the latest installment in our “Annals of Obsession” series. So why was the sight (and sound) of Winfrey issuing her passionate carbohydrate allegiance so jarring and strange?…

Read the whole article here.

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