Dark Plastic


It is likely that marine debris kills hundreds of thousands of sea birds, turtles, and marine mammals each year. Photograph by Paulo Oliveira / Alamy

It is a 10-15 minute read with a two hour hangover of depression. But a must-read. Thanks to Carolyn Kormann for getting us very clear on the problem of plastic in our oceans:

One thought on “Dark Plastic

  1. Fully agree. Last Saturday was the world Clean up day… and since some years I do participate with joy. It’s awful to see what people throw in the nature. Actually, I don’t really need that kind of encouragement, since I do clean up the trash of others when I walk around or going to work. It’s an habit, I can’t stand to see things on the street which should be putted in a trash bin. I have a reusable bag for that and I empty it when I see a bin. If every one would take more consideration toward our planet… the act of littering should be punished in a exemplary way.

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