Do The Right Thing, As Best You Can


People demonstrate in support outside the trial of 12 activists who stormed and played tennis inside a Credit Suisse office in November 2018. Photograph: Jean-Christophe Bott/AP

We love Greta. We love Roger. We love a strenuous challenge between two strong contenders, as long as the climate may be the beneficiary:

  • Credit Suisse closely linked with fossil fuel industry
  • #RogerWakeUpNow has been trending on Twitter

Roger Federer has issued a cautiously worded response to mounting criticism, including from climate activist Greta Thunberg, over his sponsorship deal with Credit Suisse.

A dozen Swiss activists appeared in court on Tuesday after refusing to pay a fine for playing tennis inside branches of Credit Suisse bank in November 2018, in a stunt intended to underscore Federer’s relationship with the Swiss financial giant, which is closely linked with the fossil fuel industry.

They also held up banners reading: “Credit Suisse is destroying the planet. Roger, do you support them?” Lawyers for the activists, mostly students, said they were appealing the fine of £17,000 (21,600 Swiss francs / $AU32,000) on the basis they were acting as whistleblowers for the climate emergency. Protesters with signs gathered outside the courtroom in Lausanne, and the hashtag #RogerWakeUpNow has been trending on Twitter.

Thunberg was among nearly 700 accounts to retweet a post from climate activist group Europe. “Since 2016 @CreditSuisse has provided $57 BILLION to companies looking for new fossil fuel deposits – something that is utterly incompatible with #ClimateAction,” the tweet reads. “@RogerFederer do you endorse this? #RogerWakeUpNow.”…

Read the whole story here.


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