Salmon & Earth’s Fate


Mark Kurlansky first came to my attention thanks to Seth, whose post I riffed on.  Then Seth pointed this out, and I have been on the lookout ever since. And today I was rewarded when listening to the author discuss his new book. Click any image below to go to that interview.


Pink salmon school in the deep pools of the Campbell River, before venturing farther upstream to the spawning beds. British Columbia. (Credit: Tavish Campbell)


Members of the Micmac tribe in a birchbark canoe in New Brunswick, pre-1870. (Credit: Taylor/Collection/Nova Scotia Archives)


Coho salmon eggs. The black dots are the eyes of the embyros. (Credit: Eiko Jones)


A bear lines up a coho in the Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia. (Credit: Ian McAllister)


Pink salmon swimming up Lawson Creek to spawn under the northern lights, while Juneau, Alaska, is lit up in the background. (Credit: Christopher Miller)

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