One More Reason We Care About Clean Water

Owner of a fly-fishing lodge worries about fracking: His business can’t survive without clean water.

Thanks to Yale Climate Connections for one more reminder of how many reasons, big and small, we should care more about water:

Why the owner of a Montana fly-fishing lodge is worried about fracking

His business can’t survive without clean water.

Wade Fellin runs a fly-fishing lodge near Montana’s Big Hole River, an area renowned for the sport.

“Southwest Montana is an incredible place to go fishing,” he says.

And keeping it that way depends on clean, abundant water.

So in addition to running the lodge, Fellin is the program director for Upper Missouri Waterkeeper. The nonprofit works to prevent pollution and water shortages in Montana’s Missouri River basin, which includes the Big Hole River.

One of their campaigns seeks to prevent fracking, a method of gas drilling that uses a great deal of water and sometimes contaminates waterways…

Listen to the story here.

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