Really, Rupert?

Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman of News Corp, at a meeting of the World Economic Forum, January 30, 2009. MONIKA FLUECKIGER / WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM

If we had a category called too little, too late, this man and his phenomenally profitable media empire would not even feature in it. He has done so much damage through his empire’s constant denialism of climate change that even one little act like this one would not be worthy. Australia is too fossil fuel friendly, for sure, but is small potatoes in the scope of Murdoch’s holdings and their relevance to the world. And it is not at all clear this move is genuine. It seems obvious that as more of the world believes its own eyes rather than what he has been selling, he needs to pivot. We should not reward such a pivot:

In Australia, Murdoch-Owned News Outlets Vow to Back Away From Climate Denial

Though long hostile toward climate science, News Corp Australia is planning an editorial campaign calling for a zero-carbon economy,The Sydney Morning Herald reported. In mid-October, News Corp Australia, owned by conservative media magnate Rupert Murdoch, will launch a two-week campaign advocating for a target of net-zero emissions by 2050. The campaign will be supported by Sky News and will run in metropolitan tabloids. The News Corp-owned national newspaper, The Australian, will not take part, thought it is expected to moderate its historically dismissive stance on climate change.

While Australia’s conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said the country is on a path to net-zero emission, he has not committed to a timeline, and his government remains supportive of coal. Responding to calls from the United Nations for Australia to phase out coal power, the country’s resources minister said on Monday that coal could would remain central to its economy well beyond 2030, Reuters reported

Read the whole story here.

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