Save The Waves @ Arroyo San Miguel

The young man who we met 15 years ago is going strong. Save The Waves Coalition has pulled off another small miracle:


Save The Waves Coalition and Pronatura Noroeste achieve approval for Arroyo San Miguel

In a historic moment for environmental and surf conservation, the first state park in Baja California, Mexico was officially approved, providing long-lasting protection for the iconic San Miguel wave alongside 67 hectares of green space.

The local initiative spearheaded by Pronatura Noroeste AC, and joined by international nonprofit Save The Waves Coalition (STW), has been in the works for years. Today, the campaign to legally protect San Miguel becomes a reality.

San Miguel is a culturally significant site and considered the birthplace of Mexican surfing. Formed by the sand and cobblestones at the base of the watershed, this classic wave remains one of the most beloved breaks in Baja California.

“San Miguel is a very special place for the local community and its legal protection goes beyond the wave,” says Mara Arroyo, the Surf Protected Area Network Manager for Save The Waves. “Our work at STW focuses on preserving the place as well as the wave – what we call surf ecosystems – so that the entire area is safeguarded as a whole.”

Following this concept of surf ecosystems, Arroyo San Miguel protects more than the wave that attracts local and international surfers alike.

It also preserves 6 kilometers of the watershed – a hub of biodiversity and a critical riparian ecosystem – safeguards drinking water for local residents, and provides a public greenspace for the community of Ensenada.

“The San Miguel Creek provides a unique place in Ensenada, where families can go to spend a weekend, learn more about the vegetation of the place and above all, protect and promote more places like this for the City of Ensenada,” said Gabriela Caloca, Coordinator of Water and Wetlands Conservation Programs at Pronatura…

Read the whole story here.

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