Orca, Climeworks & The Philosopher’s Stone

We started noticing Climeworks three years ago and have posted about Orca a couple times since then. But the video above is worth the longer look, and our thanks to Yale Climate Connections for pointing to it in their story Iceland facility sucks carbon dioxide from air, turns it into rock:

(Image credit: Climeworks video)

The technology will need a lot of scaling up to make a difference to the climate.

In Iceland, a new facility called Orca is pulling carbon dioxide out of the air so it can be stored underground.

Adelaide Calbry-Muzyka says the approach is critical to solving climate change.

“At the rate we’re going, we’re going to need to be removing CO2 from the air as well as reducing our emissions,” she says.

Calbry-Muzyka is an engineer at Climeworks, the company that owns Orca. She says the facility is powered by geothermal energy – heat from within the Earth – instead of fossil fuels.

At the facility, fans push air into filters, which trap carbon dioxide. When heated, the filters release the gas so it can be mixed with water. The carbon is then pumped underground where it turns to rock.

Read the whole story here.

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