The Nature Conservancy’s 2022 Photo Contest Winners

LIZARDS AND WINDMILLS A Fan-throated Lizard stands guard over his territory. Photographed in Satara’s Chalkewadi plateau, which is the site of one of the largest wind farms in this region. © Sandesh Kadur/TNC Photo Contest

Thanks to the contestants for the visual journeys they provide us in various categories:

The Nature Conservancy is pleased to share the top images selected by our judges for the 2022 Photo Contest! Check below to see the images that amazed us the most.

BRANCHING OUT On either side of a highway, gullies formed by rainwater erosion span out like a tree in Tibet, an autonomous region in southwest China. © Li Ping/TNC Photo Contest 2022

Tomorrow, back to the news; today, only a sampling of photos:

ADI Slope of Mount Adi, in Navarra. © Francisco Javier Munuera González/TNC Photo Contest

See the entire group of winners here.

MYSTICAL BROMO Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) is one of the 10 priority tourist destinations in Indonesia. © Hendy Wicaksono/TNC Photo Contest

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