What Billionaires Are Responsible For

Andrew Steer speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos in May. Photograph: Ciaran McCrickard/World Economic Forum

At first, and even second glance, this argument is reasonable, so we share it in good faith:

Billionaires should not make up climate finance gaps, says Bezos Earth Fund head

Rich countries ‘not living up to obligations’, says Andrew Steer, in charge of $10bn environmental fund

Billionaires can not be expected to make up for climate finance gaps left by rich countries that fail to deliver on promises to the developing world, the head of the Bezos Earth Fund has said…

The article is worth reading at the source, in the Guardian, and our thanks as always to that newspaper and Patrick Greenfield.

But if you want a different take on what billionaires are responsible for, you might want to read what Anand Giridharadas has to say on the topic.

Or, at least read the review in the Guardian of his 2018 book.

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