Flaco Free

Central Park Zoo

Flaco is only the latest of a long history of unusual bird stories from New York City’s Central Park. Thanks to Louis C. Hochman at National Public Radio’s excellent Gothamist collaborative for local news for this latest one:

Manhattan Bird Alert@BirdCentralPark. Flaco the Eurasian Eagle-Owl showing his talons and looking mighty on a sunny day in Central Park.

Flaco to remain free: Central Park Zoo gives up on capturing escaped owl for now

Flaco, the Eurasian eagle owl that escaped the Central Park Zoo early this month after his habitat was vandalized, will be allowed to stay free for now.

The zoo says it’s putting on hold efforts to recover Flaco, who has been “very successful at hunting and consuming the abundant prey in the park.”

“We are going to continue monitoring Flaco and his activities and to be prepared to resume recovery efforts if he shows any sign of difficulty or distress,” the zoo said in a statement. “We will issue additional updates if there is a change in the eagle owl’s status or our plan changes.”

New Yorkers have been following Flaco’s journey in person and online since his escape Feb. 2, when someone cut the stainless steel mesh in his exhibit. Flaco was spotted in several locations around Upper Manhattan and on various tree branches around Central Park. The Manhattan Bird Alert Twitter feed helped Flaco-watchers monitor him from afar.

Read the whole story here.

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