Backwaters Home: Pampa Villa

Pampa Villa On The Pamba River

We have mostly shown images of life on Kerala’s backwaters from the perspective of boats, as in looking at and looking from.  As Milo’s recent post showed (at the tail end, so to speak), there is much more life on these waters than first meets the eye of the occasional visitor.  The view above is from the river, looking at a home that Raxa Collective recently took responsibility for.

This responsibility included modifications to the interiors in order to make it more welcoming to travelers.  It had served as the home of a prosperous resident of the backwaters, but now is open to receive visitors whose preferences in terms of privacy, decor and food (at least spice levels) often differ from those of locals, at least a bit.

The home looks the same from the outside, but once inside the feeling has changed.  In the first room, a small visiting room, there is now a quiet place to read, have tea, or sit and play backgammon.

There are colors on the wall now that might not have been here previously because the pious local tradition would more likely have a religious icon, a photo of a family patriarch, or such.

The living room, now, is more of an open space than previously and is designed for intimate relaxation rather than large family gatherings.

And the bedrooms are equipped with comforts that would not be the norm on the backwaters historically, where most people arise before dawn and so the comfort of the bed is perhaps a temptation to be avoided.

Amie, who took on the task of making these spaces more inviting to visitors while trying to retain the flavor of the backwaters, used photography to also bring vivid life into each room.

And if you have been following Milo’s posts on this site, you may recognize his touch: all photographs displayed at Pampa Villa are his work.

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