Really, Nike?

Quinn O’Neill, someone we have never encountered in writing (or otherwise) before, posted that ad and some reflections about it on the dependably superb 3 Quarks Daily.  Reading those reflections is worth a lot more than the five minutes it will take.  On this site we very rarely engage in outrage for reasons we have not fully articulated (yet); but a well-crafted second thought on what might otherwise seem harmless entertainment begs the question:  where’s the outrage?

One answer might be that there is plenty of outrage all around us, every day, and it all gets whirled into a kind of loud blender full of negative energy; so what’s the point?

Another might be that there is plenty of outrage, but not enough as eloquently crafted as these reflections of Quinn O’Neill.

Or more simply: we need more outrage crafted in the neo-Gandhian manner these reflections of Quinn O’Neill represent.

6 thoughts on “Really, Nike?

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