What Ice Reveals

Good news is meant to be shared., and we are excited to share the achievements of another branch of our company: La Paz Group, Heritage Conservation Project – Mammuthus. (Click on the photo to go to the BBC Nature News link.)

A year and half ago we began discussions with Discovery Channel and BBC, and the first step of our four-year media plan for Mammuthus was set in motion with the airing of “Woolly Mammoth: Secrets from the Ice” in the UK this week. The initial reactions and press have been overwhelmingly positive. Preliminary statistics indicate 2.1 million viewers (not including online viewership).

Additionally, a member of our team joined the Mammuthus expedition to Wrangle Island last August. Aimed at better understanding the unique evolutionary history of the island through its fossil record, the expedition’s main objective was the recovery (and subsequent analysis) of samples from the island’s woolly mammoth population, believed to have survived long after mammoths on the mainland had gone extinct.

All photos below taken by Lucas Hannell.

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