Good Entrepreneurship Personified

We recently discovered this podcast about entrepreneurship, and a few of the interviewees are among our most admired. For example, click the image to the left to go to the interview with our all time favorite:

Yvon Chouinard

Founder, Patagonia

Yvon is one of the leading pioneers in the climbing and outdoor apparel field. Since his teens, Yvon has been an avid climber and adventure seeker. He innovated rock and ice climbing equipment, which he sold through his first company Chouinard Equipment (now Black Diamond). Yvon later started Patagonia, and the company has been a model of business and environmental responsibility since its inception in 1973.

Jessica speaks with Yvon about his journey from outdoor enthusiast to founder of Patagonia, from scratch.

8 thoughts on “Good Entrepreneurship Personified

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