Travel For The Marine Biodiversity, Support Conservation in Baja California Sur

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We’ve posted about the biodiversity of this spectacular region before so when we came across this article highlighting the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park it definitely drew our attention.

The park is

a 27.5-square-mile ecosystem with an unusual history and an uncertain future. At least 226 fish species live in the park, and it is home to the only living hard coral reef in the Sea of Cortez. But environmentalists fear that a major resort development could significantly alter this delicate fringe of Baja, both above ground and underwater.

The small village of Cabo Pulmo remains peacefully off-grid with a small bungalow beach resort supporting several restaurants and dive shops. After a serious period of overfishing the Mexican government created the national park in 1995, banning fishing in the region and within a 10 year period the fish population grew by 463 percent. It was also a textbook example of how conservation tourism helps the local community, as one time fisherman became became dive, snorkel and kayak guides.

Conservationists were able to fend off threats of large development in the region last year but another developer is currently filing with Mexico’s Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources to begin an environmental impact assessment.

Read the entire article here.

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