Save Soil, Perhaps Even Improve It By Drinking Organic Coffee

SaveOurSoil_LOGOThe news we pointed to about coffee-making best practices was mainly about the last step of a long chain–when the coffee is just about to give its olfactory, gustatory and other pleasures upon consumption.  It linked to an earlier post about the artisanal agriculture link in the coffee-making value chain, but here we add one more link on that topic. It has strong recommendations about what else we as consumers might do to assist in coffee-making best practices. It brings to mind topics we have covered in non-coffee posts, such as altruism, which we have considered more than once; and collective action, likewise more than a passing interest.

When we have the opportunity to support a good cause, at minimum we can give it attention here by linking to it, and with great pleasure we do so for our friends at Counter Culture Coffee:

Our soils are in crisis. Conventional, chemical-based farming is destroying soil health, leaving farms with increasingly barren earth. Extraordinary coffee – that which we are dedicated to – needs rich, thriving soil, since healthy soil leads to healthy coffee trees, prosperous farms, and delicious coffee.

When soils suffer, great coffee is impossible. Thankfully, there is a solution. Organic coffee farming builds soil, using compost to create the rich, deep soil coffee needs. In contrast, the synthetic chemical fertilizer used on a conventional farm provides a quick “hit” of fertility, providing the appearance of bounty in the short run, but condemning the farmer to lower yields and lower quality in the future. We care too much about spectacular coffee to sit by while its future is threatened. That’s why we care about organic farming, and advocate for it everywhere we work. You can help too, by becoming an advocate for organic agriculture in coffee.
Save our soils, save extraordinary coffee. Drink organic.
Five ways you can help save our soil:
1. Demand organic coffee.
2. Choose milk and food from small, organic farms.
3. Learn about organic agriculture in your community.
4. Compost coffee and food waste.
5. Support pro-organic legislation.
Look for upcoming installments of our Coffee Farming, Soil, and Organic Agriculture workshop on our Facebook page, track and post related information to Twitter with the hastag #saveoursoil, and sign up for our email newsletter Sustainability list for ongoing updates.

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