Sign Of The Times

The only time(s) we link to commercials is when there is some point of interest related to our main themes, and/or if the amusement value is too good to resist. In this case, while we strongly prefer the hand made roti that many of Raxa Collective’s team members make and serve up at various properties, this appliance could be a signal that the economic progress of India has made such actions quaint history for the average local household:

Rotimatic is world’s first fully automatic roti making appliance. For centuries women have spent time daily to make fresh rotis for their families, a task which is often described as a chore and a hassle. Rotimatic solves this problem and frees up people from the daily chore. Now healthy homemade fresh rotis are available at a touch of a button.

From the company’s website, a bit about the folks who have brought this to us:

The Indian dinner table, as rich as it is, always tends to miss its key ingredient – the mother. She is usually tucked away in the kitchen baking rotis on a flaming hot pan. She could make them well before dinner is served and enjoy this quality time with her loved ones but she wants to be sure that every loaf is puffed and fresh when it is served. This has been so for centuries and even today women holding demanding day jobs have to come home to the tedium of roti making.

As technologists and engineers passionate about problem solving, Pranoti and Rishi saw this as a great opportunity to bring a purpose led innovation to life.

With Rotimatic, we hope people will eat healthier and live better.

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