The Lights Are On by Sylvia Moritz


As noted yesterday, we will continue highlighting the best of the Young Creatives for the Do The Green Thing campaign. Raxa Collective’s operations teams at various properties can relate to Sylvia’s challenge to all of us to collaborate on conservation of electricity, whether in the hospitality community, the traveler community, in our residential home community or wherever:

Graphic designer and illustrator Sylvia Moritz wants to spell an end to the stupidity of leaving lights on in empty rooms.

“Electricity is a daily comfort we take for granted,” says Sylvia. “It is our sun when it is night, it is our means of living out our modern daily lifestyles. To recklessly exhaust this energy source, to squander something so integral to our survival, is wasteful. I hope this illustrated idiom can switch people’s behaviour.”


Turning lights off when they’re not needed is on page one of the energy saving manual. That’s why.


Ever keep the lights on while you’re away for fear of leaving your home at the mercy of intruders? Try hooking this fake TV burglar deterrent up to a plug-in timer instead – a low-energy solution that doesn’t involve lighting your house up like a Las Vegas hotel.

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