Bring Your Own Bottle


The image above is a reminder for us, as much as it is a pass along to you. After finally securing, in early 2013, a supply of beautiful glass water bottles for all of our restaurants and guest rooms in Kerala, Raxa Collective has been working for the last year to source a reusable and conveniently portable water bottle. The Earth Hour original purpose of the series of which the above poster is a part has a long tail of utility. Today we give thanks for “BYOB” by Rebecca Penmore, one of the altruistic designers at Pentagram giving us more clarity on why we should re-use:

On a hot summer’s day when hydration was the name of the game, Pentagram designer Rebecca Penmore noticed that our bottles of tap water are much more than liquid containers – they are an extension of our personality.

“The aim of my poster is to encourage people to carry their own bottle of tap water and avoid countlessly re-buying mineral water. I have used the well known acronym BYOB as a simple and straightforward way to communicate this message,” says Rebecca. “Bringing your own bottle is not only an easy way to reduce your global footprint, but it can be a great form of self expression!”


Our never-ending thirst for Evian has left billions of plastic bottles bobbing around in the ocean or gathered in vast flotillas such as The Pacific Trash Vortex. We’ve even created a new microbial ecosystem that scientists have dubbed the ‘plastisphere’. It’s simply got to stop.


Stick with a sexy water bottle that will last for years, not minutes. Whether you’re an explorer, a purist, a happy camper or a hipster, there’s a bottle to suit everyone.

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