If You Happen To Be In Amsterdam

Most of our followers know we love coffee. We love how it grows. We love how it tastes. We love the settings where we can drink it. Which makes it all the more unfortunate that we’re in India and not in Amsterdam this weekend to experience Coffee Week NL 2014.

The festival collaboration with the Allegra Foundation makes participation all the more enticing:

50% of all ticket sales to The Amsterdam Coffee Festival will go towards Project Waterfall, the charitable components of NL Coffee Week.

It aims to raise more than 25,000 Euros this year to deliver safe drinking water and sanitation projects for thousands of people, specifically in coffee-producing countries in Africa. The first project is currently providing clean water to communities in the Mbulu District of Tanzania in partnership with the service delivery provider, WaterAid.

The festival will also serve as the venue for the Netherlands premiere of Brandon Loper’s A Film About Coffee.

We’re doing our best to have the India premiere at 51.

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