Race Beyond All Reason

Barkely Race

If you have to ask why, chances are that this sort of thing will not make sense to you under any circumstance.  But since Chris Heller has taken the time and made the effort to beautifully elucidate, you might give a few minutes to this video on the Atlantic’s website, which makes us think of the Patagonia Expedition Race, except on steroids:

The Roughest, Toughest Race in the World

Jun 09, 2014 | Chris Heller

The Barkley Marathons, held every year in the rugged hill country of Tennessee, pit runners against their absolute mental and physical limits. The race is five 20-mile loops, almost entirely off-trail, with a total elevation gain that more than doubles the height of Mt. Everest. In three decades, only 14 people have ever finished.In this short documentary, filmmaker Brendan L. Young profiles a few of the athletes who were daring enough to compete this year.

Courtesy of Brendan Young


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