Following the Paper Trail, Redux

raxa collective bagI have been following the Paper Trail since I got here as an intern and got involved in this social entrepreneurship project Raxa Collective has been working on! There are some types of environmental action that focus on being inherently low-impact from the original design while other methods focus on closing loops from more poor designs that leave good material wasted, such as newspapers. Something is sustainable when it meets the triple bottom line: environmental, economic, and social. RAXA Collective has been meeting this triple bottom line with its newspaper bag initiative! Working with the group, PaperTrails, they have been able to provide a livable income for local people who are unable to get work for whatever reason. They have work based on creating useful bags or envelopes out of recycled newspaper. Paper Trails has been providing bags and envelopes for Raxa Collective’s properties from newspapers and other recycled material. Now, we are taking the newspaper bag initiative to the next level. Our plan is to station paper bag makers from the local community at the Cardamom County property. The idea is to have it be visible for guests, so that they can engage with it as well. Here, they will make the paper bags for all the RAXA Collective properties, and there will be a sign that lets guests know they can both purchase and learn how to make a newspaper bag if they want. We are also supporting the local tribal community, the Mannakkudy ladies, in their pepper harvest by providing some type of recycled packaging for the pepper harvested at the periphery of the Periyar Tiger Reserve, as well as possibly an outlet to sell it. The value behind this project is to provide an income for local, tribal communities that allows them to have economic means that are not based on extractive activities. A possible next phase in this project is for RAXA Collective to supplement its own paper supply by making homemade paper from our recycled newspaper and garden waste.

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