Resin Painting, Explained By A Master

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 3.55.00 PM

There is no explanation for how this post relates to other posts on this blog–not much to say about community, collaboration or conservation here. But it fits in with our general appreciation and sharing of stories in which creativity, craft and the broader art world feature. Thanks to the Atlantic, by way of Vimeo, for this five minute wonder:

In this short documentary, filmmakers Jason Stanfield and Jordan Olshansky visit the studio of artist Bruce Riley, who paints abstract wonders with poured resin. His art blooms as he works; each layer of dripped paint reacts with the others, creating deep patterns that bear an uncanny resemblance to what a biologist might see under a high-powered microscope. “It’s obvious when it works,” Riley says. “It’s obvious when it fails.”

Riley publishes photos of his artwork on Flickr. Stanfield and Olshansky frequently collaborate with brands to tell their stories through documentaries. To learn more, visit and

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