Feathers’ Maps Rediscovered


Thanks to the Atlantic‘s website for this Editor’s Pick, a fascinating video about a map collection and its conservation:

‘A Hidden Treasure’: The Unusual Story Behind a Rare Map Collection

Video by Alec Ernest

In this short documentary produced for the Los Angeles Review of Books, Alec Ernest digs into the story behind an extraordinary private collection of maps discovered by Glen Creason, a librarian.

The maps—tens of thousands of them—were collected by a reclusive man named John Feathers. “It’s almost like he wanted to collect every map ever made,” says Creason. “Los Angeles Public Library has been collecting maps since 1873. This doubled our collection in one single day.”

Laura Bliss wrote more about the John Feathers Collection at CityLab.

Author: Chris Heller

Click here to view the video.

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