Solar Power Just an Adapter Away

Now you can power your iPhone from the sun, even if you can't afford solar panels.

Now you can power your iPhone from the sun, even if you can’t afford solar panels.

Thanks to steeply falling prices, solar power keeps breaking records for new installations. But it still makes up less than 1% of total energy production in the U.S. The chances are good that you probably don’t yet have solar panels on your roof yet. Now, however, you can run your gadgets on solar just by using a different outlet. Plug your laptop into the SunPort, and it will automatically calculate how much power you’re drawing from the grid—and “upgrade” you to solar instead of coal, natural gas, or whatever else your local utility happens to use.

As the plug calculates how much energy you’re using, it automatically purchases solar microcredits through a nonprofit called reChoice, which both handles renewable energy credits and helps build new solar panels. Your power won’t be coming literally from a solar panel, though that’s true even for most people with solar on the roof, since solar electrons are sent into the grid and indistinguishable from other energy sources. Instead, the plug just helps support solar production somewhere else.

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