Two Tablespoons of Salt Please

This eco-friendly lamp runs on just 2 tbsp of salt and a single glass of water. PHOTO: SALt

This eco-friendly lamp runs on just 2 tbsp of salt and a single glass of water. PHOTO: SALt

When you discuss abundance of resources, it’s inevitable that shortage creeps into the conversation. So when one looks at how many of the 7,000 islands that make Philippines lack electricity, it’s also difficult to miss the natural and abundant seawater. Engineer Lipa Aisa Mijena and team put both in the same equation and the result is a a lamp that’s capable emitting light for 8 hours on just 1 cup of saltwater.

Currently, a majority of households in developing nations cannot afford or do not have access to electricity, and as a result resorting to oil lamps or normal battery-powered lights. Worse, during times of critical need (countries like Philippines being prone to natural disasters) the resources required become more difficult to acquire. Mijena developed the Salt Lamp as an eco-friendly, low-footprint alternative to other traditionally-connected lamps and lights.

SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting) uses the same science that forms the basis of battery-making. Where they differ from batteries is that the entire reaction is safe and harmless. Moreover, there are no flammable materials or components that go into lamp. Used 8 hours a day, every day, the lamp can provide light for 6 months (or even over a year if used more efficiently) without having to replace any parts.


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