Vegetarian Competitiveness


If it helps reduce the carbon footprint of our food, why not?

Kale-Eating Contest Proves Kale Is Just as American as Hot Dogs


And considerably healthier, of courseFresh on the heels of Nathan’s Famous annual hot dog eating contest (in which Joey Chestnutate 70 hot dogs and buns in a span of ten minutes), a New York food festival will host a far healthier version of the all-you-can-eat competition: the Kale Cup.

According to the AP, the Kale Yeah! contest will take place at the Taste of Buffalo food festival, slated for July 9 in New York. Contestants will have eight minutes to consume as much of the green stuff as possible and the winner will take home $2,000…


Read the whole article here; and from the original AP article:

The Kale Yeah! contest is meant to highlight the healthier fare served alongside the chicken wings and ice cream at Buffalo’s annual food festival. The Independent Health Foundation’s Healthy Options program requires each vendor to offer a health-conscious menu item.

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