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We have a long, productive and gratifying history with internships, and so we take note when the Thanks to the Atlantic’s website for this:

The Benefits of Interning on a Farm

Video by The Perennial Plate

High in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado, Tomten Farms offers the opportunity to learn agriculture through an internship program.Named after a mischievous gnome in an old children’s tale, the farm teaches young people the pillars of permaculture. “Let’s give people the opportunity to try something,” says the farm’s owner Kris Holstrom in this short film, 9,000 Feet. “You learn the most from failing, but if you aren’t encouraged to try, you won’t.”

This film comes to us from the world-traveling web series The Perennial Plate. To learn more about this series, visit its Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Author: Erica Moriarty

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