Norms At Chan Chich Lodge


Norms have developed on the sightings board at Chan Chich Lodge over the years; unusual birds and apex predators get most of the attention most of the time.


howler monkey

And for good reason. But on a day to day basis, monkeys are almost always in the trees in close proximity to the lodgings. The variety to the left is a noisy one, territorial and vocal in a manner that you will recognize from the soundscape of whatever King Kong movie you might have seen. Urbanite guests seem to favor that noise, we have noticed.

It is a constant reminder of how life surrounded by this kind of jungle is different from those of the concrete jungle.


spider monkey

Then there are the spider monkeys, no less visible than the howlers but much quieter. In fact, silent apart from the tree branches swaying from their acrobatics. They give the impression of being entertainers, because they will make eye contact with you as they pause from a swing or a jump, checking you out before they move on. There are other smaller animals roaming the premises on the ground, such as the agouti.



The birds, of course, are coming and going in much greater variety than two types of monkeys and the numerous ground animals; sitting on the deck of the restaurant or on the porch of your cottage you can see some of the several hundred remarkable bird species–both native to this location and those that migrate through. Mottled owls, like this one below, are often on display for those looking in the evening time.


This one is frequently on prowl in the evenings near the dining room deck, and one of our guests captured it with a momentary illumination of a flashlight. While out on the driveway to capture that image, the bird below was also discovered. Worthy of a photo? Yes. Worthy of a mention on the sightings board? Why not?


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