Accentuating the Positive

It benefits all to highlight the “non-rocket science” solutions to hugely global issues wherever we find them.

All It Took To Clean Up This Beach Was A Fish Sculpture Named Goby

As some rumors swirl around the internet that there will be more plastic than fish by 2050, there are also some great stories about local recycling, like this one about Goby the fish.

This local beach decided to do something simple, instead of placing a ton of boring old garbage cans around the beach, they made a giant see through fish out of some barbed wire and mesh, and added a sign to it that said, “Goby loves plastic, please feed him”.

The key to the success was that the kids had no pleasure in recycling plastic into those old crusty blue bins, but when it turned into a game where they had to “feed” Goby it just took off.

Goby to this day is constantly being fed, and most of the time he gets more than he needs for a days meal. He’s usually taken away by the city overnight to empty all the plastic that he’s eaten, and then brought back the next morning…

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