Regenerating, Banana & Plantain


Following yesterday’s theme, but switching to another example, today I will say a few words more about the pitch. The last time I spent time thinking about bananas as much as I am now, it was in the context of creating an edible landscape. Amie and other team members wrote plenty on this topic when we were based in Kerala.


Now that I am prepping for regeneration I am watching these banana and plantain plantings grow day to day, week to week as I remove the grasses surrounding them.


As soon as I see a leafy section browning, I have come to expect that the next day I will see a new bright green tubular growth emerging that will become a full leaf within another day.


The last few days have been rainy and foggy and I have no clue whether that slows the maturing of the emerging leaves or not.


This rapid emergence, growth and decay reminds me of something I have written about previously in these pages.


The goal of building a shade canopy as quickly as possible is going to be accomplished less by these large leaves coming and going, and more about their trunks growing so we constantly have 30+ shady circles where these are planted, and where the offspring will spring up after each of these complete their lifecycle.



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