Solar Canopy + Bellwether Roaster = Interesting Option

As we consider new canopy options, a switch to electric roasting of Organikos coffee also seems clearly worthy of consideration. I just found out about this company, and its sustainability report from last year puts it high on my list of roasters to consider:

Letter from Bellwether

We would be remiss to start our Sustainability Report without acknowledging what a crazy year 2020 was. A global pandemic forced many of our customers, like other businesses across the world, to close their doors. Divisive politics and social movements to combat oppression and racism roared across the United States. It was a year of massive change and significant loss, but also of continued hope- that together we can create a better future.

Despite the challenging year, Bellwether was fortunate to experience rapid growth in 2020. Our revenue grew over 100% and our installations of roasters doubled. We officially launched Tip the Farmer™, our impact program to financially support coffee producers, and we developed a sustainability calculator to enable our customers to measure their environmental impact from roasting on a Bellwether. This was a true team effort and we are deeply grateful to everyone who contributed to our growth and accomplishments this year.

We’re excited to share our 2020 Sustainability Report and look forward to continuing our work together in making the coffee industry more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive for all.

Team Bellwether

Read the whole report here.

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