Artful Dodging

In honor of all those who prepared for what would have been today’s New York City Marathon, we remind you of one of last year’s participants.  If Christoph Niemann cannot put a smile on the face, hope may seem lost.

But even then, it just takes a bit more effort.  He drew and annotated the whole Marathon experience.  He started with the pre-race sleep patterns; continued with a self-critique of the first art of the day; and he was off to the races, so to speak.

We have pointed to his wit on at least one other occasion, but we suspect today in particular there are plenty of people who will appreciate his efforts one year ago today. The visuals and verbals do not fail to entertain (click the image to the left for the whole experience). From sunrise to sunset we see the artist at work, deep in thought and sharp in perspective:

tweet avatar  @abstractsunday Christoph Niemann

Really!?!?? That’s all I could come up with? My goal is to be creative today and this is the lamest start ever.

Sun Nov 6 5:50:15 via Christoph Niemann

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