Portraiture Of Self-Sufficiency

A view of the village of El Pardal, Sierra de Cazorla, Spain, 2013.

A composting toilet, Sierra Nevada, Spain, 2013.

Many contributors to our platform here, and its readers, have probably considered life off-grid.  Most will experiment during their travels, but stop short of the full monty, which would mean divestiture or most/all possessions and hitting the road. Thanks to this photographer (and the New Yorker‘s far-reaching sampling) for giving us both candid and portrait-like views into some examples of “self-sufficient” lives:

In 2006, while he was backpacking in Australia, the French photographer Antoine Bruy signed up with an international exchange program for volunteers who want to work on organic farms.

The experience prompted a fascination with self-sufficient life styles, and, in particular, with people who have adopted them after having spent years in cities. From 2010 to 2013, Bruy travelled across a number of European mountain ranges, including the Carpathians and the Pyrenees, to document people who are trying to gain, in his words, “greater energy, food, economic, or social autonomy.” Next year, Bruy plans to continue his project, which he calls “Scrublands,” in the United States.

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