First Sale of Xandari Pysanky

Last week, we had the good fortune of having some guests at Xandari who were interested in buying a few of the eggs on display in the gift shop. One guest purchased a Xandari coffee-stained egg like the ones featured in my previous post on the subject, as well as an egg that bore the insignia of San José’s soccer team, Saprissa, which is generally unpopular among fans of the Alajuelan team, La Liga Deportiva Alajuelense (La Liga for short).

As Xandari is located in the hills above Alajuela, most of the employees here are Liga fans, and it’s fun to joke with them about which team’s eggs will sell more in the future (so far the Liga egg is still hanging on the display tree, but that’s most likely because it doesn’t feature a fire-breathing dragon like Saprissa). The third egg that we sold this weekend was one featuring a new design of the Xandari ‘X’ with some extra lines to turn it into a flying bird.

This logo-type design is meant to reflect the fact that half the profits from the sales of these eggs will go toward some sort of local community aid, such as materials for more art projects celebrating birds at the Tacacorí school.

This egg sold over the weekend. The marbled effect on the black background is achieved by wiping the egg with a vinegar-soaked napkin (I save most of my napkins from my meals for this purpose) after it has been soaked in the black dye.

We’ve also been talking about a fund that I’d like to call “Eggs for Threads,” or “Huevos Para Atuendos” in Spanish, which will help families in need to afford school uniforms. Just about fifteen minutes from Xandari, Zoo Ave (a rescue and research zoo) might be another recipient of egg funds to support their bird rescue program. Last week I also worked on my first egg that was hatched here at Xandari. Much smaller than the average store-bought egg, and a light brown color, I tried my hand at vinegar-etching the egg without using any dye and achieved the result in the photo below. In my next post on pysanky I’ll show what vinegar-etching can do with an egg that was a darker color to begin with.

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