A DIY Desalination Machine


Fayez al-Hindi gathering drinking water from his solar-powered desalination machine Source: Inhabitat.com

We love DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects, especially when they involve creating a  sustainable mechanism that solves a critical problem. Fayez al-Hindi, a resident of the Gaza region, created a homemade solar-powered desalination machine that can produce 2.6 gallons of fresh water every day. His creation is of particular importance considering that 90 percent of the region’s water supply is unfit for human consumption. Al-Hindi’s distilled water was proven to be safe drinking water by the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility. The most promising part of the story is that he plans to help other local residents build their own distillation systems, making potable water accessible to a greater number of people.

Watch the video on his invention below!

Visit the full article here.

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