Authentica & Organikos

Organikos2019LogoAuthentica, mentioned a couple of times prior to the current series of posts, has the character of a startup but its goal is the opposite of disruption.

A major disruption already happened, and if one of the antonyms of disrupt is organize, then that is what we are doing. Authentica is part of a nascent movement in Costa Rica to provide market opportunities to artisans, farmers, food producers and others who design, craft, grow and cook things that are essentially Costa Rican. The disruption they faced is not the story we want to tell. The reversal of that disruption is the story.  One example is Organikos.

Dedicating 100% of its profits to conservation is the core purpose of Organikos, but not the only purpose. The brand was originally conceived as a way to communicate about a place using a taste of something that is associated with that place. With its first product Organikos will emphasize authentic local flavor in the variety of representations available in coffees from the major growing regions of Costa Rica, as well as from specific farms that are emphasizing the highly specialized flavors of small lot production schemes.

Organikos chose coffee as a “taste of place” because the history of coffee in Costa Rica is linked with the country’s democracy, its relative prosperity, and its stability. Since the 1800s, long before the terminology existed, Costa Rica established a form of sustainable development by virtue of its good fortune to have the perfect growing conditions for the highest quality arabica coffee. The taste of this place is good.

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