Organikos, 2021 New Growth

In the center of this picture is a poro tree, the tallest on the land where Organikos is replanting coffee. For nearly a century the coffee growing on this hillside was shaded by this type of tree. In the year 2000 we started planting fruit trees around  the poro trees, to provide additional shade to the coffee that was still growing here. In 2020, we planted saplings from this tree.

We are planting trees not only for the sake of better coffee-growing conditions, but also to regenerate bird habitat. Migratory birds flock to this tree more than any other on the property. Unusual not only due to its height but also its four prominent trunks out of the same base, this tree has plenty of life left in it, but all our attention has been on the new trees.

Today, taking a closer look at this old timer, we found something that was not visible from a distance.

A coffee sapling is growing at the base of the old poro tree.

The seed for this young tree was most likely dropped into this location some years ago by a bird feeding off a nearby coffee tree. Our decision to re-plant coffee has received a vote of confidence, of sorts, by this happy little accident of nature.

5 thoughts on “Organikos, 2021 New Growth

  1. I can of course google it but where is Organikos? That is so fantastic to plant more. I hate to think of all the habitats that are getting destroyed around the world. I love birds. I plan on moving soon and hope that wherever I go I can plant.

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